XP Cost

You can spend your experience points if you can write out a decent story for it. Update the adventure log with your story titled ‘Experience Interlude: yourCharacterName’ and put in italics what you are buying and how much it costs.

The only thing restricted is the purchase of Renown. You need to clear that with me first.

Trait Experience Point Cost
Attribute New dots x 5
Skill New dots x 3
Skill Specialty 3
Affinity (tribe, auspice or common) Gift New dots x 5
Other Gift New dots x 7
Rite Rite dots x 2
Merit – not including Totem New dots x 2
Totem Merit 3 points per additional dot
Primal Urge New dots x 8
Primary (auspice, tribe) Renown New dots x 6
Other Renown New dots x 8
Harmony New dots x 3
Willpower 8 experience points

p. 247 W:tF

XP Cost

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