From Page 27-28 of W:tF.

The Blood Talons — Fierce, brutal warriors who use their full strength against the threats that leak into the physical world. They teach a philosophy of glorious achievement, of honing oneself to be the perfect weapon against the foes of the People.

The Bone Shadows — Searchers in the dark places who seek to understand the spirit world that is denied them. Theirs is a winding path of wisdom, teaching the necessity of understanding the many threats that emanate from the Hisil.

The Hunters in Darkness — Stalkers who defend their sacred hunting grounds with primal magic and fury. They stress the purity of instinct, the strength of the old ways and the importance of the wild places.

The Iron Masters — Wolves in human clothing who maintain close ties to their human side. Theirs is a philosophy of adaptation, teaching that a werewolf must be cunning enough to thrive in the city and wilderness alike.

The Storm Lords — Fearless and intimidating alphas who seek to purge weakness from their souls. They teach a path of endurance and ironclad honor, taking the responsibility to lead by example.

Ghost Wolf – A werewolf may declare that he is meant for no tribe. He becomes known as a Ghost Wolf — an Uratha with none but his pack to care for him. The Tribes of the Moon do not treat Ghost Wolves with hatred or prejudice, merely pity or regret.


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