Kentucky Werewolves

Go Figure

So what does being brilliant and beautiful get me…yeah it gets me made into bait.

This week has definitely been one of the more interesting weeks. Now that the police have cleared off we were able to check the barns and the pond for any sign of the Ivory woman. All we smelt was burnt hair. But we were able to track her almost all the way to Louisville. Janet has proved less than helpful in dealing with this threat. Unless we are ready to take down the whole Ivory Claw Tribe we are on our own. Derrek is going to keep investigating stuff up in Louisville while the rest of us get on with our lives.

Janie is teaching a couple of us how to shoot. I think she’s afraid that in a fight we might hit her. But I’m not complaining I’d rather have her on my side during a fight.

Not sure what’s up with Diggs, he seems moody lately and he’s taken to sneaking out at night. Whatever, he’s a teenage boy-wolf. He’ll grow out of it…I hope.

It was the weekend that was really…interesting. An increasing string of attacks on women at night got us on the prowl. A little background research by Tom lead us to believe we were dealing with a vampire. Whatever it was I wanted it out of our territory. We found out after the fact that we were dealing with Creepy Jack. Either way I was the only logical choice to lure him out of the shadows. Once I got rid of the cops it worked like a charm. He took the bait and with a little psychological manipulation I was able to manage him until the rest of the pack came in. Once we realized he had no useful information for us we dealt with him. I’m still trying to get the stink of his goo out of my nose. Hopefully things will settle down around here soon.



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