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  • If you are making a character, try to read the pages listed below.
  • The key is coming up with the concept of who you were before you discovered you were a werewolf and what kind of wolf you want to be now.
  • As far as mechanics go, choose an auspice and a tribe (or at least have them in mind). It is probable that these two choices will influence your first Change experience.

World of Darkness Primer – Sets the tone of the world.

Werewolf: The Forsaken Primer – Sets the tone and gives basic info for werewolves.

What does my character know? – Part of this will be covered in your change prologue but part of it is also a glossary your character would know.

Auspices of the Moon – Similar to Races in other game systems.

Tribes – Similar to Classes in other game systems.

The Oath of the Moon – What you should and shouldn’t do as a werewolf.

Experience Point Spending – How to improve your character.

Most of this information is taken from . It is a great site and I give full credit to their work. Most of this information can also be found in the books from White Wolf Publishing and is only used here for our gaming. Don’t copy their stuff without buying it (it’s rude).

Main Page

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