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This is a game we played in the fall of 2009. It was great fun. Hopefully these resources give you ideas for your own campaign. Check the wiki tab for lots of beginning information.

For the Group:

  • Monday nights from 6-10pm at Amy’s House._
  • Similar to before, we can congregate at 5:30, eat and chat and hopefully get going by 6pm.

If we like the game system, we can start it up again in the Spring. The schedule below gives us 9 possible nights, and hopefully we will only have to miss 1-2.

Tentative Schedule
|Sept. 9-18th| |Time spent creating characters and running their first Change event|
|Sept. 21st| |First game, bring the new pack together, establish territory|
|Sept. 28th| |Night off|
|Oct. 5th| |2nd Game, find a pack totem and convince it to work with them|
|Oct. 12th| |3rd Game, defend house and territory from someone who knows where they live|
|Oct. 19th| |4th Game, tracking down the hunter|
|Oct. 26th| |5th Game|
|Nov. 2nd| |6th Game|
|Nov. 9th| |7th Game|
|Nov. 16| |8th Game|
|Nov. 23rd| |Reading Week – No Game|
|Nov. 30th| |Possible Game Night|

Home Page

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