Kentucky Werewolves

The Pack: Origins

“McDonald’s” he said, “out of all the f*cking places to meet, they chose McDonald’s. It’s good to see they have class!” Derrek mutters to himself as he arrives thirty minutes early for the meeting. Being a loner Derrek arrives early to get the lay of the land. From the smell of things he is the only one here. Good, that is the way he likes it. He takes up in the back of the restaurant and waits for the rest to arrive. p. Next to arrive is a tall slender cock-sure pup. Derrek can smell him immediately. He doesn’t even look old enough to shave and yet he holds himself as if he is king of the world.

“How little they really know at that age,” Derrek said to himself as the young one walked to to the counter order. He must have only recently gone through the change. You can always tell because the hunger never seems to be satisfied. The kid orders a mound of food and gains more than a couple of looks from the humans in the restaurant. I can see this one might need some coaching.

Right on time in the appropriately scheduled interval arrives the next one. Her swagger and “I don’t give a shit” attitude are noticed far before her inner beast. “I don’t know what I am going to like less about this one, her body odor or the smell of her dip spit?” Derrek mentally noted. She starts taking a lay of the land and noticing the pup immediately and her eyes widen with thought of corrupting another adolescent. Fatigues with a skoal ring and a plain black shirt make up her ensemble. “I figured she would be sporting at least an AC/DC shirt!” Derrek mused.

Thirdly, in walks a ghost of a figure. Pale complected with a hint of age and an strange presence about him. “This one has been around.” thought Derrek with a smile. His Gothic features and pale complexion are his first tell tell sign. This guy spends more time huddled around books and a computer than he does out in the wild. Ghost boy orders his food uneventfully and takes up shop near a window. “Odd choice, I would have pegged him to shy away from light almost. Derrek continued with his thoughts.

The smell in the air was growing. At this point no one could ignore the fact that we were congregating, why we were not completely sure. We could sense and smell each other just as much as the grease that piled up from the meat in the back. Our scent filled our nostrils and we all became increasingly aware that things were about to change.

The disappearance of the previous pack in this area has been a mystery for many months now. Word has been coming down the channels about a lot of weird activity in the region. This has got Janet Stargazer, leader of the large pack in Louisville running quite cautious these days. Cautious, not scared. Scared isn’t exactly Janet’s thing. She is just a bit more in tuned with things from the shadow then most. So when she is being cautious it makes me keep my damn eyes open, even when I am sleeping.

Just then, in walks the most straight laced, tweed skirt wearing, Berkley scholar wannabe. She has her blouse pressed and her hair neatly groomed with a wide eyed look of uncertainty on her face. She scans the crowd and makes eye contact with the others. She proceeds to get her food and approaches ghost boy. “No shock there, meek and timid gravitates towards quiet and lonely.” Derrek thought. No sooner had she sat down to eat with ghost boy than the last of the party arrived.

“If it isn’t Woodstock all over again. I lied, this one is the Berkley scholar.” Derrek laughed to himself.

This mandolin wearing thirty-something came in from the parking lot. Hair blown from the ride on her bike with her mandolin strapped across her back. She is wearing a blue jean jacket. “And I have expected it to be bedazzled!” Derrek laughed again to himself. She approached very cautiously, observing, making sure to linger over each one as she made her way to a table. Everything about this one screamed watcher.

“Well here we are now and no sign of Janet just yet.” Derrek thought.

No sooner had the thoughts left his head than a tall slender woman of good stock entered. She wore a business suit and eyed each one in turn and then indicated for them to follow her out in the parking lot. The Pack acknowledged by stopping everything they were doing and followed her. One by one they trickled out into the parking lot to see what fate lies before them.

Derrek, unnoticed by all the others proceeded to sneak out the back through the kitchen. He arrives and is greeted by Janet with a nod of her head.

“I am glad that you all decided to make it. You have been given the charge of taking up residence here in Elizabethtown. This is not a charge to be taken lightly. The previous pack has disappeared and we do not know why.” She said. “This territory must remain guarded, it is too vital given over to whatever may take it. Do you accept this charge before you?” She asked as she was met with looks of unease and questions.

“Do we have any word on what happen to the last pack Janet?” Derrek asked, finally speaking for first time.

“No we do not. I have my own pack looking into it but we are spread thin as it is. With the current state of things in the Shadow we are being forced on the defense to much it is hard to do an appropriate investigation. This will be part of your task here as you establish your new territory.” She finished.

“Arrangements have been made for you to purchase a home. Find a location and get yourselves integrated. We will be able to help you a little but once I leave this place you will have to do the work yourself.” she said. “Malcom will provide you with the documents that you need to get started. We have a place at the Gold Vault Inn for you to stay until everything is finalized for the house!”

The Gold Vault Inn was more of your throw back dinge motel that catered to the desperate and lonely if you catch my drift. Luckily we didn’t have to hang for too terribly long. Derreck and Miss prim and proper made their way to getting things rolling on the official side of things…you know looking respectable and such. Luck interceded again because things went smoothly as the pack started making preparations to scout out their territory.

With a house found and a good location at that, and with everyone having a good direction to head for jobs the pack made to set out on the prowl looking to make themselves known in the area. Word arose of a place in the park near our house. Crazy things were happening there. Strange disappearances at night.


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The Pack: Origins

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The Pack: Origins

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The Pack: Origins

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The Pack: Origins

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