Kentucky Werewolves

S*** That Happened

by Janie

Right, so I guess this falls to me, cuz the rest of the a-holes don’t wanna do this. So here the fuck we go.

We gots us a totem, that big hawk Feathers (Aria, cuz she was gud w/the birdy) was singin to. I kinda like it some. It gives us an extry Brawl point and the ability to change only parts of us at a time (Partial Change, Brains told me it was calleded that…on p. 128 of the book). I likes that cuz I can shoot my guns and be in badass wolf form same time…Feathers don’t wanna hunt fuzzies to give it, so I told’er I’d git’em for’er. We each hafta kill one each week, but I’m gud at it, so’s I don’t mind it, so to speak. We also cain’t litter or use water-pollutin’ chemicals. Guess that means I’ve gotta start keeping a spit can with me. Oh well.

Blondie, ShortStack and Feathers stayed in the shadder place fer a while, lookin around. Feathers talked to the hawk some more. (She’s tellin me it’s named “Hawk Who Hunts At Night,” sounds like bullshit to me, but fuck it, I’ve already writ it down.) She asked it if it would take her to the ATM Brains and me found, but it said it was too dangerous for the two of them. Maybe it’d’a gone if I’d’a been there. Oh well.

Blondie took her a looky around and saw our bench locus-agigger. She says she seed the tree keepin the other spirits off’n our bench…damn straight! She said the bench looked all bright and shiny…like a fresh washed truck! I guess ShortStack wandered off somewhere and took him a shadder dump, cuz I never did find out what he was doin that whole time.

Brains and me went back to the house, where I started teachin him how to fight. He ain’t half bad for a pale wussy boy. He might turn out ok after all. He’s got a little fire in ‘im, if he weren’t another wolf, I might try to get ‘im likkered up and get ‘im in the sack sometime. He’s not my type, but pickins is slim round these parts.

Feathers, ShortStack and Blondie came back and smelled a female werewolf scent outside the house…I’ll write more later about the stuff I set up ‘round the outside of the house. Anyways, she didn’t git inside and we spent an hour trackin ‘er. Lost ‘er scent at the Dixie Highway. I hates all these damn roads. Too damn many people.

So ShortStack is workin as a junior football coach at the college…he might have a high school degree, but I’m the one what’s got him that fake i.d. He’s an ok kid, though. A little cocky, needs to be brung down some, but I’ve a feelin life’ll take care of that.

Blondie is settin up her high-falutin office at the college…she thinks she’s the shit that she can fight as gud as me just cuz she’s got more brains. She gets a few gud hits in sometimes, but she ain’t close to me or Derrek. She needs to learn to stick to what she’s guddest at…thinkin.

Brains is workin at the library, so he’s happy. Don’t take no shine to it myself, but someone’s gotta do it.

Feathers pitched a book to the university about totems. Sounds interestin but I wouldn’t understand it, prolly. I can read (got that much from my Ma when the old man wasn’t knockin us around), but I gots no use for that stuff. Maybe if I asked Feathers about it, she could explain some of the basic stuff to me. We’ll see.

As for me, I’ve been workin at Wal-Mart and workin on the defenses on the house. I digged me some holes and put sharpened sticks at the bottom, but Feathers said no. So I filled them back in. At least the diggin and fillin was fun. I taped the windows (so they don’t shatter when hit) and put up some bars, too. Gots us a reinforced door, too. We bought us a security system, but I don’t rely just on techy stuff…too much shit like that breaks. I put some cameras out in the trees, got’em feeding onto monitors in my room. Brains helped me with that some. Gonna get some trip-wires and a few dogs. Feathers said she’d go with me to pick some out, since she’s real gud with animals.

Anyways, Feathers, ShortStack and Blondie came back from the college one day and found a human blood trail round the house. I changed to badass wolf, Brains gotted himself a pain spirit and I started tracking the scent. ShortStack walked next to me so’s he could act like I was his dog…he wishes! Oh, another reason I like Feathers…she sewed my spare holster to her mandolin strap so’s I can have it when I need it to fight. I found the human, who shot Brains. That just pissed us off, so we kilt it. ‘Fore he died, he tried to talk to a bag around his neck. When it didn’t talk back (and people say I’m the dumbass) he said somethin’ about an “Ivory Bitch.” Blondie noticed a Ursaul female watching us. When she talked to the female, the female said she was watching Blondie (called her “young one,” like Blondie is the runty bitch of the pack, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!) and runned off.

After the fight, ShortStack remembered about the Ivory Claws…the pure tribe that hunts wolves like us. “Ivory Bitch” remembered him of it. Me, Brains and ShortStack tracked her out of our territory. Gots to remember to keep an eye on that pond. It gots lots of her scent on it.

We all goes back home and Brains decides to see about gettin us a spirit to watch our house and maybe the pond, too. S’bout it.



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